France is the best place to find an adventure!

There is a reason why France is one of the most preferred tourist destinations in the world. It can provide you with an experience that you will cherish forever.


France is one place that has a lot to offer. There are some mandatory things that you need to do when you are in France.

Beach & Water Sports

If you are a person who loves to spend some time in the water and indulge in some water sports France is one place that can satisfy your needs.


There are a lot of perfectly maintained golf courses in France where you can spend some quality time.


France is one of the places where you can have an adventure of a lifetime that you will remember forever.

Wildlife & Nature

The place is blessed with a lot of natural elements. Being in France actually brings you a step close to nature.

Boat Rentals

Rent and boat or a yacht and have a great experience with your loved ones in the middle of the pristine seas.


France is one of the few places in the world where you can have a great in Braging.

Prepare your trip to France

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 There are a lot of museums with extraordinary exhibits that you will really love.

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Top Cities

Even though the country is small there are more than 750 properly developed cities.

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The country of France is blessed with an amazing coastline that bears more than 25 beaches where you have a great time.

popular tourist destinations in France

There are lots of tourist destinations in France that you cannot afford to miss. Ensure that you make the most of it while you are visiting France.

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Best Restaurants in France


No one can deny the fact that French Cuisine and restaurants has always had a special place in the minds of people. There is something so captivating about it, that it makes anyone fall in love it instantly.

When it comes to France it is not just a treat for our eyes, it is also an absolute treat for our taste buds. France has always managed to exceed the expectations of people when it comes to food and restaurants. In this article, we will see some of the best restaurants in France.


Comice is one of the very famous restaurants that is headed by the Canadian chefs Noam and Hananova. Even though this beautiful couple loves each other they love for food is more than anything in this world. The elegant décor and beautiful arrangements provide a sophisticated look. The wine collection of the restaurant is one that needs a special mention. They have some of the rarest wines in the world. The seafood served in the restaurant has a very special fan following.


L’Astrance is an haute-cuisine restaurant. It is located in Paris, and it is headed by chef Pascal Barbot. He is one of the very famous chefs in Paris. There are a lot of special dishes and some common dishes. Just because it is a fancy restaurant, it does not mean that you will not get anything common. You can see that the menu has dishes like buttermilk, crumb soup and a lot more. The chefs are really nice people, and they make sure to come out of the kitchen and inquire about the food with their customers. You can also make reservations in their official site.

Hugo & Co

Hugo & Co is one of the very few restaurants that have a bit of Latin influence in it. It is run by the Cambodian born Chef Tomy. Tomy has served in many high-end restaurants all over the world, and he has a lot of experience working in many New York-based restaurants. The place serves delicious vegetarian and non- vegetarian dishes. The savory pancake that they serve is a thing that needs to be highlighted.  Some of the other famous dishes are pork cutlet with a fried egg, black rice with red cabbage and curry sauce. They also have some amazing desserts like the chocolate tart and cappuccino ice cream.

Restaurant David Toutain

Restaurant David Toutain is a famous restaurant that serves lunch for 55 Euros and dinner for 80 or 110 Euros. The restaurant is run by Toutain who was once worked at the prestigious Agape Substance. The restaurant serves some of the boldest and interesting food in France. Dishes like fish cutlet with yuba, parmesan gnocchi are some of the famous dishes. It also has a wide range of desserts and juice verities.

Perfect Photographic Places In Paris

If you are looking for the perfect locations to click a picture for your Instagram or if you are a professional photographer, it can be overwhelming to find the perfect place to an immaculate image, considering the beauty of Paris. Some places that can add to the beauty of the city, and also your image, are listed here. If you want to step it up a bit, visit them with a Porsche, Ferrari, Bentley or other luxury ride from

The Picture of Eiffel Tower from Rue de l’Université

A street at that dead ends right in front of the Eiffel Tower, Rue de l’ Université blends the Eiffel Tower and the street in one picture. This is a trendy tourist spot. If you want to capture the beauty in its real sense, it is advisable to visit the street at night.

The City from the Musée d’Orsay Clock

One of the most famous museums in France gives you a unique perspective of the beauty city. A less popular photography spot, worth a click. It is a wonderful place for just a cityscape picture or the clock silhouette itself with you in it.

The Les Colonnes de Buren Art Installation at Palais-Royal

Les Colonnes de Buren is an art installation which consists of black and white striped columns that rise from one of the courtyards in the palace. An early morning picture here is Instagram worthy.

Port Debilly on the right of Pont De Lena

Port Debilly is a bank of the Seine, located to the right of Pont De Lena bridge. This spot is excellent for night time photography as you might get a night view of the Eiffel Tower and also some shadows of the boats in the River which adds to the image.


Saint Chapelle

A popular destination for the tourist but often most neglected. The ceiling and windows at Saint Chapelle are unlike you have ever seen before! A bustling spot. If you want a picture of you here, it is recommended you visit the Chapel early in the morning for a picture perfect image.

The sinking house in Montmartre

A building on your way to Sacré- Cœur which looks like a giant gingerbread house, if the image is taken at the right angle, this picture creates an optical illusion of the house sinking. This image gives a playful addition to your gallery.

The Arc De Triumph from Champs Elyeese

This place is for the more adventurous types. A little circular dot on the middle of Champs Elysees is a spot in the middle of the road which is a divider, so no cars are supposed to go over it. You can capture the arc with you standing on the dot. It is an absolute delight if you are looking for a beautiful image any time of the day.

The Louvre Pyramid

You cannot plan a trip in your luxury car without visiting this place!  A delight for both day and night time pictures. You might get close to the pyramid in the day, but at night you must have to suffice with an image beyond the fence although the image of this from any distance looks brilliant.



Best Places to Visit in France


Venturing out to new places isn’t just about having a great time. It is much more than that. It is an encounter that we have to appreciate for eternity. Heading out to better places encourages us a great deal of things. There are places that are particularly committed to having a fabulous time, and there are ones that are about history, workmanship, and design.

In the meantime, there are some places on the planet that will be a healthy bundle that will have a lot of things to a wide range of crowd. Those spots will have a great deal to offer and will have everything that you need in a travel destination. France is one nation which will fall in that class. In this article, we will see probably the best places to visit in France.

The Lavender Fields

The Lavender Fields of Provence is one of the stunning locales in France as well as in the entire world. The scent when entering the territory will give a happy encounter. It is a mysterious site. It will be much better on the off chance that you can make it amid the long periods of June to August.

Crevasses du Verdon

Crevasses du Verdon is a lovely gulch that is situated in the south of France. It is the biggest gully in Europe. It doesn’t make a difference whether you need to invest energy in the waters or investigate the ravine; it will be an astounding knowledge in each angle.

Arcachon Bay

Arcachon Bay is one of the must-visit puts in France. It is found a couple of miles from the city of Bordeaux. It is Europe’s tallest sand ridge. It is around 110 meters above ocean level. The best trademark highlight of this spot is that, despite the fact that the encompassing spots have unforgiving Atlantic climate, the spot has astonishing climate consistently.

Mont Saint Michel

Mont Saint Michel is certainly a standout amongst the most famous places in France. The excellence of the spot is something that can’t be portrayed in words. It is increasingly similar to a fantasy, in actuality. This spot alone pulls in excess of three million individuals consistently. When you are visiting France ensure that you visit this astonishing spot.

The Pink Granite Coast

The Pink Granite Coast is situated in the northern Brittany. It is a thirty-kilometre extend. The seaside atmosphere and the lively hues all through spot will loosen up your brain and body. It is certainly a standout and a unique amongst the most captivating spots that you will at any point. The spot has a great deal to offer, and you can really investigate the spot by the visiting the Granite Rose Tour Site.



The royal residence of Versailles

The royal residence of Versailles is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The greenery enclosures of Versailles are something that you can’t bear to miss. The eighteenth-century royal residence will overwhelm your psyches with unimaginable and definite design. Additionally, make it a point to visit Petit Trianon a little royal residence that is adjacent which was likewise a private living arrangement.

Best Places to Shop in France


Shopping is one of the important activities that people love to indulge in, especially the ladies. The perspective of shopping varies from person to person. For some, it is yet another activity but for a lot of people it is a serious thing, and they tend to give a lot of importance to it.

In the present situation like many other things, shopping plays a very important role in tourism. If the place has some good shopping spots, then there are no second thoughts about the fact that it will attract a lot of people. One of those places where you can have a good shopping experience is France. In this article, we will see some of the best places for shopping in France.


Shopping and Bordeaux are two inseparable things. When it comes to shopping in France, Bordeaux has a very important role to play. It is the longest pedestrian shopping street in France. There is a wide range of shops where you can shop for a lot of things. Even though this vibrant city if very famous for shopping, there is a lot that this beautiful city can offer. Do not expect to walk through the streets freely as the place is always busy filled both the local people and the tourists throughout the year.


The first thing that hits our mind when we hear about Cannes is the film festival. But there is a lot more than that. The city is not just about film stars, luxurious hotels and yachts. There are a lot of shops in Cannes that offer both high-end and normal shopping experience. They can cater to all kinds of people who have different requirements. The best part about shopping in Cannes is that even the normal person who is not so much into shopping will enjoy the experience.


When it comes to shopping Lyon will definitely live to your expectations. It is one of the largest shopping spots in entire France. One thing about Lyon is that you need to explore a lot. You will have a lot of options hence make the most of it by exploring it to the max.  You can take a break in the middle as there are also some good places that serve delicious food in the locality. The place has both luxurious shops and normal shops.


Paris – Saving the best for the last. It is a place that is very synonymous with fashion and shopping. It is a known fact that Paris is a place that is filled with a lot of high-end shops.  High-end brands like Armani, Gucci and a lot of high brands are very common in this place. There are shops that sell normal items but there are only a few, and it is very hard to find. So if you are a person who is into high-end brands and if you can afford them Paris is the ideal place for you.


Best Hotels in France


We all know for a fact that France is one of the most exotic and preferred tourist destinations in the world. The country is great not just in terms of the economy but also when it comes to tourism. The country is very unique that it has a lot to offer to various kinds of audience.

There are a lot of aspects that will contribute to the tourism of the country. One of those things is the accommodation facilities that are present in that place. When it comes to France, you do not have worries about accommodation because there are a lot of hotels that provide world-class accommodation.

Cap Estel

Cap Estel is located on a two-hectare peninsula. The location of the place itself is something that everyone will fall in love with. It is just ten minutes away from Monaco and Beaulieu-sur-Mer. This boutique hotel is unique in its own way and has a lot of greenery. If you want to escape the crowd and have lone time this is the ideal place for you. The luxurious hotel has a total of twenty-eight rooms that are located in four separate locations. For the past fifty years, it has been hosting a lot of international celebrities.

Aman Le Melezin

Aman Le Melezin is the alpine property of the Aman Resorts. You can find a lot of minimalist Aman-Asian style in the property. The hotel is located in the Bellecote ski slope. Most of the people who come for skiing will stay in this hotel. The perfectly furnished rooms and astonishing décor are some of its biggest advantages. In just a few minutes’ walk from the hotel you can access some of the best skiing spots in Europe.

Shangri-La Hotel

The Shangri-La Hotel has a history of more than a hundred years. It was built in the year 1896. It was actually the home of Prince Roland Bonaparte. The hotel is the perfect blend of French art and Shangri-La hospitality. The hotel 101 perfectly maintained rooms in which the guests can enjoy a great view of the Eiffel Tower. The craftsmanship that has gone into the creation of the hotel is very much evident in the elegance of the hotel. The hotel has perfectly maintained indoor pool which is also the largest indoor pool in the country. Their biggest asset is the L’Abeille restaurant which has won two Michelin stars.

Intercontinental Bordeaux le Grand Hotel

The Intercontinental Bordeaux le Grand Hotel is one of the most preferred hotels in the country. The hotel underwent a complete restoration process in the year 2015. The hotel also has a Le Pressoir d’Argent a Michelin Star restaurant by one of the most renowned chefs Gordon Ramsey.   The hotel has luxurious 148 rooms and suites. It also has a spa, pool and a lot of other amenities that you will need for holiday accommodation.

Best Beaches in France


France is a beautiful country that has been blessed with an astonishing coastline. The Mediterranean Sea, Atlantic Ocean and the English Channel combined together have offered some of the breathtaking beaches where you can spend some amazing time.

These pristine beaches contribute a lot when it comes to tourism. Whether you want just to stretch your legs and relax or have some crazy time by indulging in some fulfilled activities like deep sea diving and other water sports the beaches in France can definitely live up to your expectations. In this article, we will see the best beaches in France.

Corozon Morgat, Brittany

Corozon Morgat in Brittany is very famous for its amazing scenery and the caves that are adjunct to the seas. It is located in the old fishing port of Morgat. There are a lot of resorts near the beaches that offer great services. The word “beautiful” is definitely an underrated word for this beach.

Pampelonne, Saint Tropez

Pampelonne beach that is located in Saint Tropez is very famous for its crystal clear water. It is a picture perfect location with a coastline extending up to five kilometers. The beautiful waters and the caves nearby make it the ideal place for relaxation. This is a beach where you will find a lot of couples.

Palombaggia, Corsica

Palombaggia is a very famous beach in France. The reason is that it has a two-kilometre stretch of soft sand beach. There are a lot of shops and restaurants near the beach. This is the ideal place where you can spend some quality time with your loved ones. The pine trees and the granite headlands add a bit of awesomeness to this beautiful beach. The beach is just 10 km away from Porto Vecchio. Hence it is easily accessible.


Porquerolles is nothing less than a paradise. You will definitely have a great experience as it can cater to all kinds of audience. The beach is just 20 min away from Hyeres which is located in the South Coast of France. It was actually a good thing that the state bought the land in 1970 and made it a national park to prevent it from any kind of damage. In this beach, smoking, plastic, food and car parking is banned.

Etretat, Normandy

Even though Etretat that is located in Normandy is a great beach is always know for the cliffs and not for the water. There are good possibilities that you might have seen this location in various movies. It is a breathtaking location and is an awesome place to spend a lot of time and relax.

Paloma Beach

The pretty Paloma beach is in the French Rivera. It is one of the most preferred beaches not just in France but in the whole world. The beach is actually named after Polama Picasso. This area belongs to their family. There are a lot of celebrities who constantly visit this amazing place.

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