Emma Case Interviews Noa From Featherlove Photography

When Rosie asked me if I would like to interview Noa from Featherlove Photography I didn’t hesitate for a second… any excuse to ask Noa a million questions and I’m there.. ok I’m allowed to ask about 20… right how to narrow it down… hmmmm…

It’s so difficult to narrow it down because Noa is truly my inspiration. I’m relatively new to photography but when I first saw Featherlove’s work it completely spoke to me in a way that I actually find hard to articulate… like a fire in your belly sort of feeling. She is an artist who follows her heart and because of that I have the most amazing respect for her, she doesn’t try to be anything else and stays true to what she loves and her photos echo that so beautifully. I am truly transfixed by how she see’s the world and in a business where there can seem to be quite a formulaic way, or the ‘right’ way of taking photographs (especially wedding photography).. I applaud her complete independence and dedication to her art.

I contacted Noa a little while back to tell her how I loved her work (I always think it’s important to let people know when they inspire you) and through that we got chatting via email. Noa then mentioned she would be coming over to England in April and I knew I couldn’t miss this opportunity so I asked if she would do an Engagement shoot with me and Pete. I had the chance to not only meet her but to see how she worked, ask her questions and the icing on the cake… have some amazing photos of us taken by her. It was such a good morning and if it’s possible, I love her a little bit more now 🙂 … especially as she has sent me one of our images for this interview and I love it so much it gave me goosebumps. To be honest it was actually quite a surreal experience… for me I find meeting people you admire and who inspire you so much more powerful and rewarding than meeting any famous person. I went a bit star struck (oh dear).

For this interview I have chosen to ask her some questions about photography but I also think that photography is so much about the person behind the camera… their passions/insecurities/thoughts that I really wanted to ask questions about Noa too…. I really enjoyed reading her answers and I hope you do too…..

Emma Case interviews Featherlove

Tell me a little bit about you?

I like to take pictures sometimes…

How long have you and your camera been together and how did you learn to use him/her?

My newest is a Canon 5D Mark II, just a few months old. I figured out how to use it pretty quickly since it’s so similar to my other cameras 40D, 30D etc.

Have you ever wanted to do anything else apart from photography?

Yes! Make films, make music, be a dancer, learn more languages, travel… I try to dabble in all of the above as often as possible. Oh and I wanted to be a Rabbi too once. I think I still should.

Who has been, or is your biggest inspiration? (can do in the whole world or just the photography world)

Maybe Madonna. I’m not a mega fan of her music or anything I just think she’s fantastic. And my dad, as a photographer and also just as someone who really really believes in me always. It’s precious.

Emma Case interviews Featherlove

How would you describe your style?

If I could recreate dreams or psychedelic experiences I would be ecstatic. So all I can do in the meantime is attempt at it.

What do you love about the job the most? What do you dislike the most?

I guess the best way to answer that honestly would be that I love everything about it except for maybe doing some office administrative stuff.

What has been the best experience/wedding/shoot you’ve ever done and why?

Kestrin u0026amp; Jonathan’s wedding: (http://www.featherlove.com/blog/wedding-of-the-century-kestrin-jonathan/)…

Because it was everything I love in this world combined into 2 glorious magical days. Surrounded by tons of artists who were all funny, witty, smart, unique people. Visual eye candy to the MAX, outfits, décor, people let their freak flags fly! Gorgeous views, beautiful vows u0026amp; a beautiful ceremony song. True love between 2 people, tons of fun and fabulousness all the way around.

Who would shoot your wedding if you got married now?

If I had my druthers I would have two photographers:

One Love Photography http://www.onelovephoto.typepad.com/

u0026amp; Chloe Aftel http://www.chloeaftel.com

What is your proudest achievement so far?

I love this question because this just happened the other day! I sometimes get really sweet emails from photographers, but the other day a photographer wrote me and told me she had ‘dreamt in feather love”… she said this:

“it was one of those dreams where I was just doing life, hanging out around the house, it felt very familiar to me and very comfortable… The dream had a nostalgic feeling, the light was low and focused, kinda muted or faded colors… Sometimes I hate how quick I forget my dreams. I just remember waking up and telling my boyfriend I dreamt in Feather Love last night… Once in a while you see someone’s work that resonates in your soul, sister yours has resonated in mine. Psychedelic.”

I can’t even begin to explain how overwhelmed with joy I was when I read that. I’m not sure why but for some reason, if one person sees my work and it seeps into their subconscious enough to influence the way their dreams LOOK, it’s like coming full circle… I feel absolute success u0026amp; true fulfillment with that. Nothing else matters to me as much as that.

What things would you like to achieve?

Stuart u0026amp; I just recently decided that a nice big goal to achieve in the next few years would be to buy a house in Europe- probably France, Spain, Portugal, Italy etc, near the water, and live there a few months a year and live in our San Diego house the rest of the year… that would be amazing!

Ok, desert island.. you have your camera… I’ll let you take one more thing… what would it be?

A CF card would be nice 😉 or if I already have that I would say Stuart, my husband. He’s my best friend, provides loads of entertainment, deals with my weirdness and annoyingness, and fishes really well. He also has lots of other good survival tricks. And he can sing me song when I’m bored. I would take him for sure.

Have you got any crazy/funny/embarrassing stories about shooting a wedding?

Oh yes, I have a good one that’s all 3 of those things!! I shot Spencer Pratt u0026amp; Heidi Montag’s (MTV’S The Hills) wedding cocktail reception and got thrown out… you can read all about it here on my blog:

Featherlove interviewed by Emma Case

What makes you happy?

No matter how I answer this, it will sound like one of two things: really corny or super-sappy. But I will be honest and say that my attitude is what makes me happy. When it’s shit it’s shit, and when it’s good- I’m happy!

Featherlove interviewed by Emma Case

Quick fire questions….

Nikon or Canon? Canon

Lost or 24? Lost

Christmas Day or New Years Eve? I’m a Jew but I would still say xmas- I care more about hanging out with family eating good food than partying all night. Although I can, u0026amp; do, do both!

Tattoo or piercing? Neither. Had my nose pierced for many years when I was young but have never been interested in getting tattoos or any other piercing.

First dance or speeches? Speeches!

Favourite season: Summer

Favourite flavour icecream: Dulce de Leche (it’s STUPID GOOD!)

Favourite song: Well, the answer to that question really depends on which week or day or month you ask it on. But this week it’s: Tony Ferrino’s “Stuttering Sadie from Stuttgart” u0026amp; “Bigamy at Christmas”, probably because I just watched Tony Ferrino’s Phenomenon for the 100th time this past weekend and those 2 songs are truly dear to my heart.

Favourite book: The Lucifer Principle

Favourite Teacher: Chris Griscom – spiritual teacher. And Penny Mobsby, my high school art teacher.

Favourite lens: Super wide

Favourite food: Israeli u0026amp; Indian… those are at the top two but I love most food except Japanese food. I don’t know why I just can’t really get into it.

Favourite shoes: The ones in this photo:


Thanks to Emma and Noa from Featherlove for this really fab interview!!