Best Restaurants in France

No one can deny the fact that French Cuisine and restaurants has always had a special place in the minds of people. There is something so captivating about it, that it makes anyone fall in love it instantly.

When it comes to France it is not just a treat for our eyes, it is also an absolute treat for our taste buds. France has always managed to exceed the expectations of people when it comes to food and restaurants. In this article, we will see some of the best restaurants in France.


Comice is one of the very famous restaurants that is headed by the Canadian chefs Noam and Hananova. Even though this beautiful couple loves each other they love for food is more than anything in this world. The elegant décor and beautiful arrangements provide a sophisticated look. The wine collection of the restaurant is one that needs a special mention. They have some of the rarest wines in the world. The seafood served in the restaurant has a very special fan following.


L’Astrance is an haute-cuisine restaurant. It is located in Paris, and it is headed by chef Pascal Barbot. He is one of the very famous chefs in Paris. There are a lot of special dishes and some common dishes. Just because it is a fancy restaurant, it does not mean that you will not get anything common. You can see that the menu has dishes like buttermilk, crumb soup and a lot more. The chefs are really nice people, and they make sure to come out of the kitchen and inquire about the food with their customers. You can also make reservations in their official site.

Hugo & Co

Hugo & Co is one of the very few restaurants that have a bit of Latin influence in it. It is run by the Cambodian born Chef Tomy. Tomy has served in many high-end restaurants all over the world, and he has a lot of experience working in many New York-based restaurants. The place serves delicious vegetarian and non- vegetarian dishes. The savory pancake that they serve is a thing that needs to be highlighted.  Some of the other famous dishes are pork cutlet with a fried egg, black rice with red cabbage and curry sauce. They also have some amazing desserts like the chocolate tart and cappuccino ice cream.

Restaurant David Toutain

Restaurant David Toutain is a famous restaurant that serves lunch for 55 Euros and dinner for 80 or 110 Euros. The restaurant is run by Toutain who was once worked at the prestigious Agape Substance. The restaurant serves some of the boldest and interesting food in France. Dishes like fish cutlet with yuba, parmesan gnocchi are some of the famous dishes. It also has a wide range of desserts and juice verities.