Best Beaches in France

France is a beautiful country that has been blessed with an astonishing coastline. The Mediterranean Sea, Atlantic Ocean and the English Channel combined together have offered some of the breathtaking beaches where you can spend some amazing time.

These pristine beaches contribute a lot when it comes to tourism. Whether you want just to stretch your legs and relax or have some crazy time by indulging in some fulfilled activities like deep sea diving and other water sports the beaches in France can definitely live up to your expectations. In this article, we will see the best beaches in France.

Corozon Morgat, Brittany

Corozon Morgat in Brittany is very famous for its amazing scenery and the caves that are adjunct to the seas. It is located in the old fishing port of Morgat. There are a lot of resorts near the beaches that offer great services. The word “beautiful” is definitely an underrated word for this beach.

Pampelonne, Saint Tropez

Pampelonne beach that is located in Saint Tropez is very famous for its crystal clear water. It is a picture perfect location with a coastline extending up to five kilometers. The beautiful waters and the caves nearby make it the ideal place for relaxation. This is a beach where you will find a lot of couples.

Palombaggia, Corsica

Palombaggia is a very famous beach in France. The reason is that it has a two-kilometre stretch of soft sand beach. There are a lot of shops and restaurants near the beach. This is the ideal place where you can spend some quality time with your loved ones. The pine trees and the granite headlands add a bit of awesomeness to this beautiful beach. The beach is just 10 km away from Porto Vecchio. Hence it is easily accessible.


Porquerolles is nothing less than a paradise. You will definitely have a great experience as it can cater to all kinds of audience. The beach is just 20 min away from Hyeres which is located in the South Coast of France. It was actually a good thing that the state bought the land in 1970 and made it a national park to prevent it from any kind of damage. In this beach, smoking, plastic, food and car parking is banned.

Etretat, Normandy

Even though Etretat that is located in Normandy is a great beach is always know for the cliffs and not for the water. There are good possibilities that you might have seen this location in various movies. It is a breathtaking location and is an awesome place to spend a lot of time and relax.

Paloma Beach

The pretty Paloma beach is in the French Rivera. It is one of the most preferred beaches not just in France but in the whole world. The beach is actually named after Polama Picasso. This area belongs to their family. There are a lot of celebrities who constantly visit this amazing place.